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Exclusive Gardens

We are situated in Durbanville, but accept good opportunities in Bellville, Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Paarl and Cape Town. To contact us please send us an e-mail or visit us on Facebook.  


Our projects include the following services: 

1.     Design of the whole garden which includes the placement of the pool and the driveway.We specialize in the design and construction of new gardens or the imrovements of excisting gardens.

2.     Building of the necessary structures(walls, stairs, walkways,patio’s, fountains, focalpoint pieces etc.)

3.     Intensive soil work to improve the quality of your soil.

4.     Instellation of drainage to solve and prevent any future drainage problems.

5.     Instellation of irrigation or adjusting the existing irrigationto suit the new garden layout.

6.     Planting according to the microclimate of each bedding.

7.     Erecting of pergolas through de Smit Exclusive Structure of Llewellyn Williams.

8.     We also offer the option of maintenance to the completed project to ensure that the design comes  to life, the garden can reach maturity as quick as possible( pruning and cutting encourages more compact growth) and ensure the gardens upkeep.

This entails pruning, identifying problem areas and restore/replace damaged plants.

A Garden changes yearly, shaded areas can become bigger and therefore changes the needs of the garden, you need to keep up with the gardens needs.It is important to us that completed projects always look their best seeing that it is a continued advertisement for us.

We do not keep gardens that we have not planned and planted.( Up keep excludes cutting the grass and pulling out weeds)

9.     After-sale-services :Please feel free to contact us if you need any gardening help. After the completion of the project we will give you a list on how to keep your garden in a prestine condition . Wouter is just an e-mail away to assist you with any queries.

10.  A Weekly /Every-other-week gardenman can be organised to cut the grass and pull out the weeds.If you want Wouter kruidenier of Juanita Berry to pop in every now and again to assist your gardenman, it will lower your up keep costs because he will then know more about the plants and layout of the garden. Wouter/Juanita will also deliver the necessary products during their visits.( snailfood,insecticeds,compost etc.)



Prevent your garden from being ruined.

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How long before I have a beautiful settled garden?

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We install irrigation for gardens designed by us.

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Water needs

Limit your water usage with the correct garden design.

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All building/construction is done by de Smit Structures.

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We offer valuable insight when choosing plants.

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Birds & butterflies

The plants we choose bring nature to your doorstep.

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Design and installation done by de Smit Exclusive Structures

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Designed and made by de Smit Strukture.

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The heartbeat of every garden.

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The make or break of all gardens.

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Garden Ligting

Enjoy your garden even after sunset.

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