We work as follows:

  1. You make an appointment with Wouter Kruidenier (depending on the time of the year it can take between 1 to 3 months)by sending an e-mail, just click on the envelope.
  2. He visits new clients every Saturday morning and then discuss your garden needs, takes a look at the garden itself (an hour maximum)and take some needed pictures of the house and the garden.
  3. A consultation fee of R450 is payable before we go to the next step.
  4. Corinne Erasmus will make an appointment with you to take the necessary measurements of the garden.(Tuesday and Thursday)
  5. Corinne will then draw the garden to scale and then Wouter and Corinne will put ideas together about the layout of the garden and what will be the best option for your house and needs.
  6. When the design is done you will be invited to our showgarden for the presentation.
  7. If you want any changes to be made it will be done and your quotation will be adjusted accordingly for your satisfaction.
  8. The execution of the design can take up to 4 months before completion depending on how busy we are at that moment and the size of the project.Execution can also be postponed to a time that suits you best or you can execute the design on your own timeline.
  9. Design costs is worked out per square meter  of the surface that is going to be worked with

(existing pools and driveways are excluded)according to a slidingscale that can be sent to you on request.